Empower U

Are you ready for retirement? Do you wish there was a better resource to educate you and EMPOWER you on how to make better decisions with your hard-earned dollars? Then THIS is the educational two-day course for you!!!

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Financial Planning

101 (The Foundation)

  • 3 phases of your financial life
  • How to measure your risk tolerance
  • Different types of advisors and which is right for you
  • Understand safe vs. risk
  • 3 worlds of money

Financial Concerns

(How To Overcome Them)

  • Credit and debt
  • Unable to maintain your standard of living
  • Not enough money for retirement
  • Cost of catastrophic illness
  • Medical cost for normal health care

Retirement Income Planning

  • Surprise move by Congress creates new budget – Legislation closing Social Security loopholes, limiting your options
  • Multigenerational IRAs
  • Strategies on how to minimize taxes on retirement income
  • Rollovers, direct rollovers and in-service withdrawals
  • Bucketing strategy vs. lump sum strategy



  • Stocks and bonds
  • Mutual funds
  • Cash accounts and FDIC
  • Annuities
  • ETFs and UITs

Estate Planning

  • Types of trusts
  • The probate process
  • Joint ownership of property
  • Legacy planning
  • Estate tax reduction strategies

Health Care Planning

  • Options for long-term care
  • Medicare and health insurance options
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Health insurance for early retirees
  • Evaluating the cost of coverage

To register for Empower University, there is a $50 fee per couple that covers tuition and materials. All other FKI courses are free to the community.